Monday, June 21, 2010

A New Food Blog

For the last few months I have had the desire to start writing about the food that I cook. I have always enjoyed cooking and sharing that food with friends and family. Most of my early cooking and baking was done along side my Mom. She recently moved to Connecticut and has begun experimenting with the local foods and recipes of their new area. After talking with her, we felt it would be a great experiment to bring together our ideas and experiences into a joint blog.

I personally have struggled with the idea of a blog because I feel I lack any distinct "style" or theme in my cooking. I love fairly difficult recipes and gourmet foods because I love to eat great food! I think I'll start simply by sharing the recipes and stories behind some of my favorite recipes and we'll see if a style begins to emerge.

My Mom has always been the gourmet cook as can be affirmed by hundreds of recipients of her great cooking. I hope that she will also share some of her great classics as well as her new finds as she dives into the east coast food scene.

Here's to our experiment into opening up our kitchens to the world! We hope you'll enjoy the experience as much as we do.


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