Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kitchen In The Market

Located in the corner of the always bustling Midtown Global Market is the amazing, multifunctional Kitchen in the Market. I would best describe it as a cross between a cooking school and a commercial kitchen, where chefs and students intermingle creating a unique culinary experience for all involved. I've only been to the market a few times and wasn't very familiar with KITM but I knew Molly, one of the owners, from a few of the MN Food Blogger events. So when they sent a message a few weeks ago requesting some volunteers for their upcoming cooking courses, I jumped at the chance to get to know them better. And of course, I signed my wife up too. She's always jealous when I go to fun food events and I thought this would be something fun we could to together.

We attended the orientation to learn all the in's and out's of being a volunteer and then a week later, we got the much anticipated call, they wanted us for a class! Here's the thing though, the class was their "Food Porn" class with Kris, one of the photographers that I had seen at many of the events I have attended to recently and I really wanted to take the class. So we decided that Breanne would volunteer and I'd attend as a participant.

The night turned out to be pretty amazing. We got some initial food photography tips and then we cooked dinner under the tutelage of Michael, taking photographs all along the way. It was so great to have someone there to ask questions and get tips on how to shoot different types of foods. I'm still pretty new to my camera so I haven't figured out how to use many of more advanced functions quite yet. 

I also realized how much I want a pasta roller. We made some pretty amazing pasta with a pesto that was fresh and vibrant. The group was so much fun to work with and then we sat down at the end and shared the meal with everyone. It was a fantastic experience and I am so excited to take some more classes and keep volunteering. I think it's going to be a great way to get involved, learn some new skills and meet some fun new people in the foodie community.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our night. I haven't edited anything yet, as I usually don't edit anything anyway.

Here's a link to an album with some more of the photo's from the night.


  1. I have a pasta machine that I haven't used in ages. I'm happy to pass it on to you if you want it. Free. Although you might funnel me a pound or two of fresh pasta once in a while in exchange.

    Let me know.....

    I'm serious.

  2. Thanks for volunteering, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the class!

  3. The photos are looking good! Sounds like a great class; I only wish I didn't have so many actual school classes so that I could take a few of these!

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