Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emeril's One-Pot Blogger Party: Banh Xeo - Vietnamese Crepe

One of the things we picked up from our time living in New Orleans was a love for Thai and Vietnamese food. Never would have expected to find it there, but they've got quite a large community and it shows in the quality of food that you can get in the general area. Another place I wouldn't have expected to find a good Vietnamese recipe would be in a cookbook from Emeril Lagasse. But it was there, and it was a pretty big hit. Banh Xeo is a dish I've never tried in a restaurant so I can't vouch for its authenticity but it's certainly one I'll be making again and I would definitely order it off any menu.

Banh Xeo is a savory crepe made by combining mung beans, coconut milk and rice flour and a few other seasonings. I had never used mung beans and it was the only ingredient I couldn't find at the regular grocery store. I found it at my trusty Thai market though and was good to go. I also haven't ever used rice flour before and didn't see any at first glance at the grocery store. To solve this problem I simply ran some rice through my wheat grinder though and it created a beautiful white flour that seemed to work perfectly.

The crepes themselves were absolutely amazing. Light and tender with just the right balance between sweet and savory, they would provide so many fillings a tasty home. The pork and shrimp combination provided in the recipe provided a suitable filling, although I think I would change it up a bit next time. The thing that really made these was breaking the filled crepe into smaller pieces, wrapping it in a crisp piece of bibb lettuce and then topping it with piles of the pickled cucumber and carrots and drizzling it with the Spicy Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (both recipes included in the book). The combination of all of this just brought it over the top and everyone absolutely loved it.

Now for the Winner of the Emeril by Zak Table Art Set!

Joe Pesante!

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  1. My mouth is watering! I love food like this. I'm amazed that you could find mung beans, but not rice flour.

  2. This is a very interesting recipe, I've never had anything like it, but it looks delicious.

  3. Looks great. Rice flour is one of those products that can show up in different parts of grocery stores. Sometimes it's with the other specialty flours in the baking section, but if the store has a gluten-free section, they might stock it there, instead. Bob's Red Mill is the most common one I see here, but I also order it from King Arthur Flour if I'm filling a cart there ;-)

  4. Love this, sounds so good and I will definitely make it soon!

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