Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emeril's One-Pot Blogger Party: Cheese Enchiladas with a Smoky Red Chile Sauce

This is the 7th post now in this Blogger Party celebrating the release of Emeril Lagasse's new cookbook Sizzling Skillets and Other One-Pot Wonders, which is available TODAY! You can get your copy today or keep reading below to find out how to win your own copy.

I've had the book in my hands now for just over two weeks, but if I showed it to you today, you'd think it's a copy I've had for years. Pages are bent down, stained pages abound and the spine is well worn. I can honestly say I haven't been disappointed yet and we've eaten quite well over the last two weeks. The variety of dishes will keep you going and you'll be surprised every time that you're cooking out of the same book.
Today's dish utilized the remaining pulled pork from earlier this week to create Emeril's Cheese Enchilada's. The original recipe doesn't call for any meat but I really can't imagine it without. He does encourage creative license in the instructions though and even suggests utilizing his pulled pork, so you can really make this one your own.

The recipe starts off by roasting and re-hydrating guajillo and ancho chiles and then pureeing them with tomatoes and herbs to create a beautiful, smoky and rich sauce. The corn tortillas are filled with the pulled pork, pepper jack and feta cheese and then covered in the chile sauce. Of course you then cover that with more cheese and then bake until bubbly and melted. The chile sauce provides just a subtle heat and the cheese's all combine to make a smooth deep flavor that pairs perfectly with the pork.

Want to make it? Order your book today and you can! You can also win your copy by commenting on this post or any previous post from Emeril's One Pot Blogger Party. You'll get an entry for each post you comment on!

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{Disclaimer: As part of this blogger party I received a free copy of the cookbook, a set of Emeril by Zak Table Art, a bottle of Emeril's Essence Spice mix and will receive a small grocery stipend and other Emeril cookbooks following the event. All opinions expressed are my own.}


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