Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emeril's One-Pot Blogger Party: Tempura Fish and Chips

It's Saturday and I need to post my third installment for the Emeril blogging Party but it was going to be a busy day. Soccer for the kids, birthday parties and then volunteering at a cooking class that night. That meant little time to get a dish made and get a post up about it. So I went for a dish that could fit quickly into our schedule and would still be a hit for the whole family.

I've always been a fan of fish sticks but as I've grown older, I just can't seem to find any that I like anymore. The frozen ones tend to be too grainy or more bread than fish, so it's been awhile since I've tried any. I had some frozen cod filets so I picked up some sweet potato on the way home and we were set to go on Emeril's version of Fish and Chips.

The Tempura batter used for both the fish and the sweet potato chips is made using a combination of flour, cornstarch and rice flour (I ground my own again, of course!) and then mixed with a seltzer water and egg yolk mixture. The result is a batter that is light and fluffy but crisps up perfectly.

I tried some baked sweet potato fries some time ago and wasn't very impressed, but these ones made me a believer. My seven year old and I stood by the stove and ate them as soon as they were barely cool enough to handle. The fish was also nice, and you could really use any white fish that you've got on hand. The dish came together quickly and allowed us to keep moving right along with our busy day.

So have the last six posts from Emril's new book Sizzling Skillets and Other One-Pot Wonders got you excited to check this book out yet? Would you like a copy of your own? Well, you can order your own copy now, or you could also WIN a copy right here. Leave a comment below or on any of my next two posts and I'll announce a winner in my last Emeril post on October 1st. US addresses only.

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{Disclaimer: As part of this blogger party I received a free copy of the cookbook, a set of Emeril by Zak Table Art, a bottle of Emeril's Essence Spice mix and will receive a small grocery stipend and other Emeril cookbooks following the event. All opinions expressed are my own.}


  1. Beautifully done. I mean hey, how can this be bad? Fried fish? No brainer. :-)

  2. Oh I love fish and chips and yours look divine!

  3. Wow matt this looks awesome!!! I really enjoyed the hash!! We are waiting for the next invite.

    Jeff Hill

  4. We had great food at the reception; I personally ate the mushroom ravioli. Yum! We did a full service, 3 courses, sit down meal. The waiters also provided wine and drinks during dinner.

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