Saturday, October 1, 2011

Emeril's One-Pot Blogger Party: Seared Scallops

I've got an interesting past with scallops. I love almost any type of seafood but for years I thought that scallops were the exception. I had scallops once ( I can't even remember where now) and they were the most disgusting, rubbery thing I had ever tried. For years I avoided them, blindly assuming that all scallops were the same. Then I was brave and at a nicer restaurant I gave them one more chance. They were divine. Perfectly seared, almost creamy in the middle, and I was in love. I've had them many times since but they are one meal I've never attempted at home. Until now.

When I received my copy of Sizzling Skillets, they were one of the first recipes I read though. They sounded nice and the picture looked amazing but I kind of put them on the back burner. I just didn't know if I was up for attempting them on my own. I have watched my share of Hell's Kitchen and scallops are one of the key things that Gordon Ramsey yells at people for. If they screwed up so often, how could I possibly get them right?

I have to admit that as I was cooking the scallops, I could hear Gordon Ramsey yelling in my head, " these are stone cold raw!" or " you've over cooked these" while throwing my pan against the floor. And yet, I have to say they came out amazing! Emeril gives simple instructions for cooking them just right. Heat up a pan till it's very hot with some olive oil and sear just a few minutes on each side without moving them while cooking. I did exactly that, letting them go until I thought they were just barely cooked through. They had a beautiful crispy edge but the insides were still soft and creamy. Even my wife, a seafood hater, tried them and approved. No fishy taste, just pure bliss.

Now of course the dish wasn't just seared scallops. Emeril creates a beautiful base utilizing fingerling potatoes, cabbage, golden raising and julienned apple, combined with juices and stock to create a rich, decadent sauce that makes a perfect pairing with the scallops. It was a fantastic combination and I think I'll be brave enough to cook scallops again soon!

So this is it folks. You've spent three weeks with me as I've cooked through 10 recipes from Emeril Lagasse's new cookbook Sizzling Skillets and Other One-Pot Wonders. I hope you've enjoyed the dishes and following along with me. I've had a great time and I look forward to cooking more dishes in the future. The book is available now so you can go out and get your own copy if you want to create any of the dishes that I've reviewed, OR you might have won a copy all for yourself!

The winner of the Sizzling Skillets cookbook is...

Sheri Taylor!

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I'll contact you to get mailing info.


  1. Nice Gordon Ramsey reference. "They're RAW!!!" Usually right after he tells the person he wants it NOW instead of in 1 minute.

    Glad yours were perfect, and that is a lovely sear on them.

  2. Looks like you got the perfect sear - not easy to do!

  3. HOORAY!!! I'm so excited!! By the way, your scallops turned out beautifully! And I know because I worked for Seastar Restaurant in Bellevue for 4 years so I know what a good scallop looks like. I can't wait to try all these recipes for myself! Thanks Matt!!!!

  4. Love scallopsand this recipe looks delicious!

  5. Great job on the scallops, that is a beautiful dish!

  6. These are beautiful, great job! I've never cooked scallops.

  7. That's awesome-- I would not have thought of a good seared scallop as almost creamy in the middle, but that's a really apt description. The best scallop I ever had was in Maine and it tasted like there's a tiny pat of butter on the inside. Mmmm.

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