Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cherry-Lime Sorbetto

You remember those 8lbs of cherries from last week? Well that cherry pie was just one of the recipes created. Today I've got a refreshing dish that's perfect for summer. It's only got a few ingredients so it lets the sweet flavor of these beautiful cherries shine through.

I'd have to say I'm typically an ice cream person but sometimes the sweet refreshing taste of sorbet, or sorbetto just hits the spot. So what's the difference between sorbet and sorbetto you ask? I still really don't know other than sorbet is French and sorbetto is Italian. So we're going Italian today.

The base is created by heating sugar and water to create a simple syrup and then blending that together with lime juice and fresh cherries. 4 simple ingredients but when it all combines, it's the perfect treat at the end of a long hot day. Or the beginning. I won't tell anyone if you have it for breakfast.

Go Check out Food52 for the full recipe


  1. I love sorbetto, what a gorgeous color!

  2. Matt, I have been thinking about this sorbetto since you posted it on Facebook! I made it tonight and it was wonderful. I did make one variation because I wanted a more creamy flavor. I added a cup of plain Greek yogurt to the mix, and it was delish! Thanks for sharing your yummy foods!

    1. What a great idea! Now I need more cherries so I can make it again. Thanks for the feedback!