Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Kitchen Appliance Solution

As most of you know, we just finished a four month remodel of most of our home. Obviously as a Food Blogger, the kitchen and the kitchen appliances were among my top priorities. We wanted to transform our kitchen into a an efficient use of space that fit our needs and had as much functionality as possible. We went through numerous designs and debated the many different ways to achieve that. A few key issues that that we had to address:

Double Ovens

With all the baking that I do, from day one I said we had to have double ovens. It would finally allow me to be baking multiple things at multiple temperatures all at once. The problem was that no matter how we designed the kitchen, there was just no room to fit a wall oven unit with the two full size ovens. Then we explored having multiple units under the counter level and just couldn't sacrifice the space there either.

Gas Range

I grew up cooking on a gas stove but since we've been married it's all been electric. I have to admit, there is something nice about cooking on glass top electric stove for the ease of cleaning but I knew I wanted a gas range in the new house. We were already tearing up the flooring and would have easy access and we also wanted to add a gas line for a fireplace in the living room so it was cheaper to add a second line at the same time any way.

Wishes vs. Needs

Everything in this remodel was always balanced between what do we  really want to have and what is going to be the best for resale value. We knew  this wasn't going to be our dream home or dream kitchen but we wanted to make sure it was comfortable for us and would be what we wanted in a kitchen for the next few years until we sold the house. Honestly I think we both did a great job of always trying to balance that and questioning ourselves if we could do something less expensive but still a great value. Our appliances also had to fit that model. As much as I would have loved to replace everything with high end appliances that I could drool over every night, we already had a decent fridge and a good dishwasher so we chose to keep those and replace the other units with things that would match our existing items.

The Solution

It was an easy decision to have the gas line installed and we knew we wanted a mid range appliance that matched our existing lines. So the last issue to resolve was the double ovens. Most brands I found carried lines of double oven ranges but I just couldn't find one that I thought still looked as nice as what I envisioned. Our fridge is an LG so I ended up looking up their models and found one I loved immediately.

Here's our new baby. It's the LG Double Oven Gas Range. The LG LDG3036ST to be exact.

The double ovens are perfect. The large one on the bottom can fit any of my large roasting pans and the smaller one on top can really handle almost anything that I make. Any sheet pan or casserole fits perfectly. I've baked my bread loaves in the smaller one too, although I do use the the larger one primarily for that anyway. The lower oven is convection although I'm not sold on the concept yet. Never had it before and the few times I've tried it now I don't notice any shorter bake time or even any better baking of multiple racks or sheet pans.I do love the proof setting on the oven though. It provides a low constant heat perfect for proofing breads.

The gas cook top is certainly my favorite part. I love the rush of flame and the consistent heat. It has four round units and then an elongated unit in the center with an exchangeable griddle. The burners range from 5,000 BTU's to the largest unit with a 17,000 BTU SuperBoil.

I can't even tell you how much fun it is to cook on this range. And as much as I would have loved a higher end unit, I love the look and feel of the LG and it fits perfectly with the overall design of our kitchen.

Of course we had to have the matching microwave as well and went with the LG over the range microwave. We wanted one that was able to recirculate the air without needing an outside vent and this one offered the functionality to choose how it's vented. Coolest part? Push on that bar on the bottom and the vent extends even further for those extra smoky moments (not that I'd ever experience that, of course). Learn more about LG Kitchen Appliances, or check out this fantastic buying guide to help you determine the best appliance for your own needs!

Coming up next week, I'll be telling about our shopping experience with Warners' Stellian where we purchased our LG Appliances. They are a great local store and I'm really excited to share more about what they have to offer!

Disclosure: I was provided a product discount by Warners' Stellian for our kitchen appliances. All opinions are my own.


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