Friday, January 17, 2014

Warners' Stellian Appliance Store

If I say, "local appliance store", what are the first things that come to mind? Be honest. I'll help you out. They probably include expensive, limited selection and pushy salespeople right? What if I told you that it didn't have to be that way?

As you know from my previous posts on our remodel, we had to make every dollar count and ensure that everything we bought added additional value to our home. This was not a dream home, "pick anything you want" project. This was especially true with the appliances we chose. You got the whole run down with our appliance post on why we chose what we did and now I want to share more about the company that we chose to get them from.

To be honest, we looked everywhere. I'm probably not the poster child for brand or store loyalty as the mighty dollar can be so swaying but in the the end we chose to purchase our appliances through Warners' Stellian here in Apple Valley and there were a number of reasons to do so. I want to walk you through what a typical store experience is like, and trust me, this is not just how it was for me. I actually snuck into the local Apple Valley appliance store a few times and talked with multiple associates.

Appliance Store Experience

Walk into the store and you may be surprised at what you see. If you're expecting only two to three of each type of appliance, you're in for a surprise. They certainly stocked more of each appliance than I had ever seen at any of the big box stores. And if we're talking levels of appliances, from entry to high end, there's no competition. That was probably the biggest revelation for me. I could easily check out my dream Wolf and Viking ranges and compare them to my more budget minded LG Gas Range or Microwave. Warners' Stellian carries all major brands except for Kenmore and they consistently stock entry level to high end appliances throughout the store. As much as I love to research online, I love even more seeing the actual product in the store and most of the larger retailers just don't have the space to carry them all. The Apple Valley store not only carries them but they also have various kitchen build outs right in the store that show off various brands and arrangements. Price wise, they were in line with every other retailer that we researched and that's without any crazy sales or special promotions.


Each time I went into the store I was amazed at how I was treated. The conversation rarely started around a specific appliance or brand. I was always asked questions about how I cooked, what features were important to me and then I was guided through to solutions that worked for my lifestyle and budget. The associates at each store are experts, the average tenure at my local store is over 10 years. They know their business and are confident in what they do. Hours of specific training each month keeps them up to date and understanding the details and variations between each brand. It allows them to provide so much more information and help customers make an informed choice. Associates are willing to take the time to build the relationship and it certainly shows. Jodi, the manager of the Apple Valley store told me that a large number of their customers are return customers and referrals. They even have generations of families that have been purchasing from Warner's Stellian and families working on their second and even third remodels!

Post Purchase

With so many of the other companies we worked with through the remodel, as soon as they had your money it was essentially over. With Warners' Stellian, it was only one step in the process. When I had questions about how my appliances worked I was able to call and get immediate answers and when I thought my broiler was having issues, they had someone out to look at it within two days. They have a 99% satisfaction rate with their delivery service and the service work is all handled in house, so they have that control over the continued customer relationship.

All together Warners' Stellian pulls together everything you need when looking for your next appliances. Do your research online, they have an amazing appliance buying guide that can help you understand your needs but then take the time to go into a store and get the full experience. You'll appreciate the knowledge they have to share and you'll get all that for the same price you'd pay anywhere else.

Disclosure: I received a product discount from Warners' Stellian. All opinions are my own.


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  2. I've been renting a unit here for quite some time and I love this place (never thought I'd say that about a storage place, but there it is!). I've rented other spaces in years past, but the service and location here just can not be beat!