Sunday, December 21, 2014

Festive Cranberry Apple Tea Ring


I love baking from Red Star Yeast's collection of recipes. They are always clear, well tested recipes that have always turned out for me. They have so many great recipes to choose from too and I love finding things that I haven't tried before. I've definitely made tea rings before but this was a new combination that was perfect for Christmastime. It has a festive collection of apple, cranberries, orange and walnuts throughout the dough that creates a beautiful loaf that would be perfect for sharing with friends and family.

I loved the thinly sliced apples that are layered in the dough. The recipe calls for the apples to be peeled first but I love the color and texture of apple peels so I left them on as I sliced them up. Look at the layers!

This is a really simple dough too and it could easily be doubled for two rings. You could also freeze the dough after you've formed and cut it and then thaw and bake it right before serving to make your life even easier!

Here's a fun little video creating the form of the ring: Bonus points for every word you can make out from my kids that wouldn't be quiet in the background despite calls of "quiet on the set".

Festive Cranberry Apple Tea Ring
Click for Recipe from Red Star Yeast

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Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post for Red Star Yeast. All opinions are my own


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