Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gardening with OXO

This is my favorite time of year here in Minnesota. We can get outdoors again and that means it's time to plant our garden!

We worked on our backyard last year and built new garden boxes. We've had tons of questions about them so I wanted to share some more here. We're just getting started on our planting this year and can't wait to see everything start coming up!

One of the biggest problems in our yard is rabbits. Unless we put chicken wire around everything, they would eat pretty much everything as they came up. We decided we wanted to build raised beds to help to try to keep the rabbits out and also to make it a little easier to garden.

I love being able to stand up to do everything in our new garden. Planting, pulling weeds and harvesting is all made so much easier.

We also added benches to the front of some of the boxes and centered them around our fireplace.

The design is fairly simple. We used 2x10 treated lumber and they are about 30 inches high in most places. We used 2x4's on the inside to reinforce and then added a 1x4 trim piece on the top to finish it off. We used some extra fill dirt that we had from around the yard to fill the bottoms and then used a really good garden soil from a local nursery for the top 2/3 of each box. It was amazing to see how well everything grew last year in this new soil.

I am also loving my new garden tools from OXO! They have everything you need to garden and maintain a beautiful yard. My favorite is the hand trowel. I can't even tell you how many shovels I've bent because they have a weak handle. This one is sturdy and I use it for everything from digging holes to digging out dandelions from the lawn. I love the serrated edge too for cutting string and it even has measurements along the edge for easy depth finding when planting.

I keep the pruners handy as things start to come up and I'm trimming and pruning the plants. They may be small but they are really strong and cut through just about anything I've come across.

Even after the plants are coming up, I like to keep the soil cultivated and keep the weeds out. The cultivator tool is perfect and it even has the two outer prongs that are longer than the center so you can maneuver around the plant stems without pulling anything up but weeds!

You can check out all of OXO's Spring Gardening tools here.

Disclaimer: I received a set of the OXO gardening tools for review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I really like being able to endure do every thing in our brand new garden. Growing, pulling weeds and collection is all created so much simpler.

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