Monday, April 18, 2016

The Unofficial Meal with Sabra

Weekends around here usually mean game nights for us. We love to get together with friends and play cards, board games or now that it's finally nice outside, lawn games and grilling.

Not surprisingly, when we do these get togethers, it can be a free for all with everyone bringing food, snacks and other goodies. We don't usually end up with a full meal per se, which means a focus on the Unofficial Meal!

These get togethers are pretty casual and relaxed. It's not a formal dinner and I don't want to spend a lot of time getting ready. Sabra makes it so easy to pull together a fresh and delicious snack for everyone to enjoy.

"Official meals are all well and good. With their salad courses, their placements and their tabletops completely free of elbows at all times.

They're part of our culture and they always will be.

But we're for the Unofficial Meal.

You know. The one you eat while making the official meal, or getting ready to go out (or  - just maybe - stay in).

The one where hands touch and friends reconnect.

Where the conversation is as fresh as the ingredients.

And no one has to do the dishes.

Because it's in the moments between the official moments that the best stuff always happens. And that's where you'll always find us.

Welcome to the Unofficial Meal. "

So, whether your Unofficial Meal is prepping for the real deal, or just hanging out with friends, grab some Sabra and make it even better!

One of our favorite ways to dip is making a quick crostini. Take your favorite baguette and thinly slice. Slather it with butter and sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper. Bake the slices on a sheet pan at 425 degrees until golden brown. They are perfect for dipping or layering up with various toppings.

 Disclaimer: I was provided compensation as part of my involvement as a Sabra Taste Maker. All opinions are my own.


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