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Thyme In Our Kitchen is a platform where food lovers and bloggers from all across the globe can polish and hone their cooking skills and experiences. A very insightful platform to learn the basics of what goes on in the kitchen. And to get to know recipes and tools that work the best in that part of your home; the sacred space that makes life a little more fun, exciting, and even healthy.

About Marry J. Sneed

Founder of Thyme In Our Kitchen

My name is Mary J. Sneed and I’m from Beltsville, Maryland. Born in 1989, I have spent enough amount of years in quiet, peaceful Beltsville to appreciate tradition. Since a huge chunk of the community in this part of Maryland is family-oriented, cooking was and still is a very important aspect of the culture.

From a very young age, I found the whole concept of bringing together all sorts of different ingredients and then combining them all to prepare a wholesome meal incredibly fascinating. But most of this interest and passion came from managing multiple albeit not life-threatening medical conditions. Eating fresh, hearty, home-cooked meals started as a compulsion but soon transformed into a lifestyle choice that I could not be any more grateful for at this point.

So I decided to pursue cooking as a professional career. And the American Culinary Federation certification program made it possible for me to become a certified chef. I have worked as a professional cook for the most part of my adult life. Meal planning and prepping, supervising other cooks, ordering food supplies, ensuring health/sanitation regulations, and more – these were some of the most important responsibilities that have taught me more than anything or anyone ever could.

One more thing – I have a Bachelor’s Degree In Culinary Arts from the University of North Alabama, just by the way (not boasting or anything but I know how important credibility is when it comes to trusting online bloggers).

How I Review Cooking/Kitchen Products

You don’t just need food ingredients to prepare food, right? Unless you’re a caveperson and have to fashion cooking utensils from scraps or available resources. We’re not cavepeople anymore. In fact, we’re a generation of highly advanced humans with access to all kinds of modern, state-of-the-art equipment, even for cooking and the kitchen.

Reviewing such products is a major part of what I do right now, professionally. That’s because, and this is something I’ve just come to realize, not everybody knows what they’re looking for. Most of us make much better buying decisions when well-informed, instead of just purchasing impulsively or frantically.

My reviews are 100% honest, unbiased, and MY OWN. They’re a result of knowing firsthand what works in the kitchen and what doesn’t. Crucial factors like quality, brand reputation, price, user feedback, etc. are taken into serious consideration at the time of testing and analyzing multiple products from the same category or sub-category in order to find something appropriate for every consumer demand.

Each review presents both sides of the coin (meaning both the great features and the drawbacks), so you know what to expect. Because nothing is perfect, so why lie! Even the comprehensive buying guides I create are a result of this sort of thorough, time-consuming research.

In the concluding paragraph, I would just like to add that food isn’t something you just eat when hungry. Food’s an integral part of our lives; because it’s colorful, delicious, inspiring, inventive, and lots more. And it’s this mutual love you and I and all of us have for food that has brought us together. I hope now only to strengthen that mutual connection through my candid reviews and delightful recipes.